04 Jan 2024
January 4, 2024
  • New: Added drop-down date selector on the timesheet bulk entry page.

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21 Dec 2023
December 21, 2023
  • New: Single Sign On now available, contact us for details

  • New: Companies House live sync available for all customers

  • New: View widgets as other users, great for monitoring team members

  • New: Office filter for many widgets

  • New: Scheduler edit all timeslot properties in one dialog

  • New: Glide Time reports now use delayed loading to speed up navigation

  • Many, many minor bug fixes over the last 6 months.

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26 June 2023
June 26, 2023
  • Added route for each sub-system to the client query editor

  • Added route to the job query editor for first sub-systems

  • Fixed issue with copy/pasting into login fields potentially introducing extra characters

  • Added Partner field to the Pool screen

  • Fixes and improvements to the Companies House Live Integration feature

  • Fixed issue with wrong text shown on bulk operation (name instead of description)

  • Hid Companies House issues for client in issues list where client is not active for service

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28 May 2023 Update
May 27, 2023
  • New: Archive a charge rate and it won't be offered when time is recorded

  • New: New report available - 12 month billing projection report - see fee info month by month

  • New: Glide AI Assist - our AI tool can rewrite your email templates using a different tone

  • New: Pool screen customisation for particular customers - contact us if you would like extra info shown

  • Fix: Added a missing deadline to the deadline tester page

  • Fix: Renamed 'Literal to Actual' in a deadline name

  • Improvement: Many updates and fixes to our new live Companies House feature which we're gradually rolling out to users, let us know if you would like to be next!

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25 Apr 2023 Update
April 25, 2023
  • Fix: Tasks you created for yourself are no longer listed with 'Tasks for others'

  • API: Added extra checks to ensure new user email addresses are unique

  • Fix: Fixed minor issue with logging out having already logged out

  • New: Added auto step progress in workflow where boolean field is YES

  • Fix: Fixed small bug with traffic lights widget link

  • New: Added client and job to task widgets

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14 Apr 2023 Update
April 14, 2023
  • Fix: Fixed issue when redeeming advanced time involving a pence value of less than 10.

  • Fix: Fixed issue when pasting in a Companies House number into the new client dialog

  • Fix: Fixed various minor issues with query tool

  • New: We are nearing completion of our new live Companies House integration. A huge amount of tweaks and testing is going on behind the scenes. We have a beta testing scheme for this significant new feature, if you are included in this you will begin to see a multitude of new features related to Companies House data appear on your system.

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14 Mar 2023 Update
March 14, 2023
  • New: Created feature to only send emails during weekday office hours. Enable this on the Advanced Config page. So for example, if you created emails in bulk on the clients list page on a Saturday afternoon, these could now automatically be sent on Monday morning at 9am, rather than immediately on the Saturday.

  • New: Added Pool option to the jobs list holder dropdowns

  • Fix: Removed option to view 'All' on certain reports where it could result in a list of 1000s of items on one page.

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28 Feb 2023 Update
February 27, 2023
  • Added filter on the Scheduler to view just your own schedule

  • Fix: 'Self links' no longer causes client's own jobs to be listed in jobs page connected clients list

  • New: Removed the word 'new' from the title of new bills

  • New: Changed the colour of the 'undo' button to make it less invasive

  • Fix: Fixed bug related to target dates being set not clearing older target dates for stage

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16 Feb 2023 Update
February 16, 2023
  • Fix: Fixed a bug with the edit Xero code dialog on the client screen.

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15 Feb 2023 Update
February 15, 2023
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with the query reporting tool where multiple dates stored on a job for the same step would result in multiple rows in the report, which was not intended.

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11 Feb 2023 Update
February 12, 2023
  • New: Client formatted text field type created - use bold/italics/lists/tables in this new style of data field

  • New: Client formatted text fields can have defaults, a new screen has been developed to set these values

  • New: Added various fields to query editor including client incorporation date and Xero integration code

  • New: Traffic Light summary widget created - replaces the Systems Summary widget on all systems

  • New: System Summary widget available for re-creation on dashboards when required

  • New: Re-wrote undo stage move feature to include a pop-up with additional information

  • New: Added various deadlines for the Isle of Man

  • New: Added office column to staff summary page where active

  • New: Added Irish VIES statement deadline

  • New: Added link to help articles on editor page

  • New: Added API calls to retrieve addresses

  • New: Added Activity filter to Expenses report

  • New: Added client data to Invoice page items list

  • New: All Glide Time reports now include user initials alongside the user's name

  • New: Two Factor Auth feature now allows a trusted browser to be remembered, reducing the need to enter codes

  • Fix: Fixed issues with statuses on created email/SMS messages on the job card and client card.

  • Fix: Improved drop-down menu option wording on template editor to reduce possibility of confusion

  • Fix: Improved Traffic Light block connected to client multiple choice field drop down menu options

  • Fix: Improvements to query editor screens - including consistent groups across column selection and filters

  • Fix: Improvements to query editor filters to make filter options more intuitively worded

  • Fix: Improved consistency of drop down menus on Glide Time reports to ensure they are searchable/filterable

  • Fix: Fixed issues with Messaging Centre including some message states not being shown

  • Fix: Fixed issue on Expenses report where the total would be incorrect and improved wording

  • Fix: Fixed issue with client corporation tax status field on query editor when boolean field linked to client record

  • Fix: Fixed issue where system active and boolean fields had wrong query editor filter options

  • Fix: Fixed issue where some characters were not outputted correctly in generated emails

  • Fix: Progress monitor by stage graph format widget now correctly created where chosen instead of text version

  • Fix: Fixed issue with query tool not outputting full names of individuals thus creating confusion

  • Fix: Fixed issue with Scheduler month to month view not showing an item in a certain specific situation

  • Fix: Fixed issue where deleting a private client note did not refresh the screen

  • Fix: Fixed issue with login screen where email was case sensitive

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